Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Counting Down...A Life Update

It's funny how some parts of life are all about enjoying the moment, and other parts have you counting down to some future date. This is definitely a count-down phase for me. There is so much to work towards and look forward to right now. Since I haven't announced it yet on the blog, we have big news!

Yep, we're pregnant! In spite of how crazy our lives already are, being in the middle of college, and already having a little munchkin, we knew it was time to grow our family. This little peanut is due March 16, if you didn't read that in the picture. That means our kids will be just shy of two years apart. :) We are so excited!

So that's the first thing we're counting down to. Baby and I hit 13 weeks yesterday (yay!), so hopefully the comfortable, fun part of pregnancy gets started soon. I haven't been as sick as last time, thank goodness. That makes everybody think it could be a boy this time around. I guess we'll see! We're doing an early gender ultrasound to find out in a few weeks, so I'll let you know. :) 3 months down, 6 to go. This pregnancy is just flying by.

The other big thing I am counting down to is graduation! Even though I promised and swore and wrote in my journal, blog, and everywhere else that I would never, EVER try to graduate and take care of a newborn at the same time, it looks as though I will be doing it yet again. That's okay. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and this time I will be taking at least one or two online/home-study courses, so that will help ease the transition. I am due 7 weeks before graduation, so that's a big difference from last time. I only had Z two weeks before finals, so I only had to finish the last little bit. Be that as it may, I feel good about pushing through and finishing. Things have really fallen into place to make that a possibility, and I am ready to be done with school. I am taking 18 course credits and 1 internship credit this semester (so far so good), and that leaves 15 course credits and 2 internship credits for spring semester. Then I will be done. Forever. And I can find a job interpreting and let my wonderful husband have his turn to finish up school. Right now I am leaning toward interpreting in an educational setting to start out, but we'll see what happens. The plan is to have me work until Austin is able to finish up his schooling, then we'll switch and I will be the stay-at-home mommy again. I can't wait. It breaks my heart a little bit to think of working and spending so much time away from my tinies, but I know that we can only do our best, and try to follow God's will in our lives. If we can do that, everything else will fall into place.

Despite all the counting down (3 weeks to ultrasound, 6 months to due date, 8 months to graduation, etc.), this is such a fun stage for our family. Zia is getting so big and smart. She is big for her age, so most people think she is 2, even though she's not quite 1 1/2 yet. She signs like crazy, and she even tries to say some words. Austin bought her a little potty to start the process of potty training last week, and she LOVES to sit on it! It's so funny, because she doesn't fully comprehend the concept of using it yet, but she does think it is a fun toy. It even makes noises when you flush it! It's pretty fun. I have heard lots of people have good success with potty training girls around 18 months-2 years, so we are hoping to start potty training in a month or two. With any luck, we will be all squared away long before the baby comes. I don't know about you, but I don't love the idea of having two in diapers! Though, if that happens, it really wouldn't be the end of the world. It would just be nice to have that taken care of beforehand. :)

We are planning on staying in our little apartment at least until I am able to find steady work, which will be at least a few months after baby comes, I would think. I never planned on bringing another baby home to this apartment, but it has served us well for a long time now. I imagine it will do so for another year. :) Ha! Another thing to count down to...

Anyway, that's our life update for now. I have all the pictures taken and ideas all ready for a million posts, but school, pregnancy, and Zia are keeping me pretty busy, so I imagine I won't be updating super often for the next little while. I will probably do a pregnancy update today or tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep on top of it, but forgive me if I can't! I have reached over 9,000 pageviews, which is pretty incredible considering how little I try to build traffic to my little corner of blogland. So thank you, friends and family, for supporting me and reading about our little life. I love you guys!

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