Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Framed New York Art

So, there's this sad thing about blogging when you are also a wife, mom, and full-time student. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. That's totally okay, though, because raising a family and getting my education is worth it! But that is the reason this project that I shared on instagram ages ago is only now making its debut on the pages of the blog. Anyway, here is an easy, cheap, and chic way to decorate your home. The best part is, you probably don't even need to leave home to do it! (Okay, you might need to leave to grab some spray paint. But other than that! ;) ) So without further ado, DIY framed New York art!

What you'll need:
Frames: I used old ones that weren't being used in our decor, but you could just use nice/new ones and skip the spray painting step!
Spray paint: optional
Paper: I just used regular printer paper, but cardstock would probably look extra great. I like the look of using the printer paper, though, because it helps it look like I printed on real, old book pages.
Computer and Printer: to search for old book pages and art, and then for printing.
Nails, Hammer, etc.: for hanging your pictures when you're done.

On to the how-to... Forgive me, I didn't take many pictures of the process. It's super easy and quick, though!

First, you will need to gather as many frames as you want for your (mini) gallery wall. This would also work well with a single photo. I used three frames, since the spot above our toilet was very narrow, tall, and empty. (Ideally, make sure your frames don't go any larger than a photo the same size as a normal sheet of paper--8.5"x11". This just makes it easier to print everything at home.)

Here are the three frames I chose. (I finished my art before I spray painted my frames, but in hindsight, that would have been a good project to do while I fretfully waited for them to dry. Haha I get so antsy for projects to be done sometimes.)

As you can see, they're all really different in color, shape, and style. That's okay! Everything goes for this project!

After you have your frames picked out, you need to take out the glass and backing from the frames and spray paint the frames to match. I went with a semi-gloss black spray paint for quick-and-easy application. (They're not perfect, so don't look too close!) Give your paint at least a few hours to dry completely.

While your paint is drying, go online. Search for images like "old book pages", "dictionary pages", things like that. There are millions of options. I didn't really care what the text said as long as there were not huge gaps and no pictures.

When you have your text images ready to go, print them out.

Next, find three images that match your theme. You can pick anything! Our shower curtain (which you may have occasionally seen in my bathroom-mirror selfies) has the New York skyline on it, so I went with a New York theme for my prints.

I think I found both of my pictures on desktop image databases. I didn't want anything too fancy--just black and white. I also had to carefully resize each image to fit in its frame. It is a good idea to do a test run on a scrap sheet of paper before you waste one of your pretty text pages.

Also, if you want one of the frames to hold words, pick a font, size, and print that out as well.

Once you're all printed, cut out your papers to just a little bigger than the size of the frame opening.

Insert pictures into dry frames, and voila! You're done! Just go hang your lovely work on the wall.

Here are some glare-y pictures of the final product all hung up on the wall!

Haha it's kind of awkward that you can see my reflection in the glass...anyway! This was a super fun, easy project, and I hope you try it! It only takes an afternoon, so it's my kind of craft. :)

Happy crafting!


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