Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tissue Box Toy

Babies are funny. They can be entertained by the most random things. If you have ever let a little one near a tissue box, you have probably seen the glee that can come from such a simple thing, not to mention the mess! I accidentally left a box of tissues in Zia's reach a while ago, back when we all went through that awful cold, and she was absolutely thrilled! I left the room for a few seconds, and I returned to find the living room covered in white! After doing a little palm-forehead action, I quickly cleaned up the mess and moved the box out of her reach. The amount of joy she got from the tissues got me thinking, though. I wanted to make a toy like it that she could use again and again (without shredding expensive lotion tissues while we all have colds...haha). Now you can make your own! Introducing....

The Tissue Box Toy!

All you need are a few scraps of fabric around the same size as tissues and an empty tissue box. I serged around the edges of all the scraps that could fray, just to avoid any messes later on. Fold the fabric pieces in the box, and you're all set!

Now just let your favorite little one play with her new favorite toy! :)

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  1. Love it. You would have loved this toy when you were little. :)