Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Z!

Can you believe it? It actually happened. My baby girl turned one a few days ago.

I am still a little bit in shock! When I was pregnant, time seemed to drag on (probably because I was so tired of waiting for Zia to finally come!), but the days have flown by since her birth last year. I love every moment that I get to spend with my sweet, silly girl!

We went to the zoo for her big day, since she loves animal pictures and noises so much. Unfortunately, she was scared of every animal we saw--even the little rooster running around the grounds.

The rooster was kind enough to give us a good rooster call, but Zia was so scared! She loves the noise at home, but apparently it's a bit much with the real deal right in front of her! My cute mom came with us and was trying to comfort Z.
Poor little thing. We'll try it again next year. :)

I made her a cute outfit, which I never really got a good picture of, but here are some pictures from the day. :)

Crying after seeing the gorillas. All the animals seemed to be trying extra hard to impress the guests that day. Too bad Zia just wanted to get out of there! Also, she hates wearing headbands. That's why she isn't wearing the one I made in some of these pictures.

Me and my elephant-loving girl.
 Zia finally cheered up once we made our way over to the gift shop. She kissed every single thing that we let her hold. So cute!

 She was getting kind of stir crazy, so we let her run around for a minute (much to my germ-phobe-mom chagrin). She loved it. :)

Happy to be one!

After our long drive back home, we decided to go get Cafe Rio and Menchies to bring to Austin at work.

Isn't she precious? I sure feel lucky to have her in my life. The rest of the day had her practicing her walking skills a lot, and she has been doing so more and more every day! It is so fun to watch her toddle around. She is so proud of herself every time she gets from one point to another. :)

We also went to her one-year-old checkup yesterday. She is doing great! She is growing so fast and has gone from 17 inches tall at birth to 30 inches tall! It's crazy when you think about how fast babies sprout up. She currently weighs 22 lbs 2 oz.

She was finally old enough to play with the toys in the waiting room this time. She loved them!

22 lbs 2 oz means one big girl! She's gained about a pound a month since her last checkup.

Pre-checkup. Happy to be naked!

Post-checkup and shots...She had serious stranger danger with the doctor and did not like her shots one bit. She was tough, though! 
At age one Zia loves to read, sing, dance, crawl, sign, make people laugh, play the piano, walk, sew with me, "help" with the laundry, empty drawers, make funny faces, eat, look at pictures of family, play with shoes, take baths and showers, visit grandmas and grandpas, play peek-a-boo, cuddle, make animal noises...and much more.

Happy birthday, Zia girl! I love you!

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