Monday, February 17, 2014

Apartment Makeover! Baby Steps...Bedroom Style

Well, friends, the time has finally come. Our humble abode is getting a face lift! (Yes!) The first year living in our apartment didn't give us much time to be home with both of us being in school and working, and my first months home with Zia were too full of cuddles and spit up to leave me a lot of extra time to think about redecorating. Our apartment has basically just had the bare essentials, lots of food, and a few decorations that my parents helped us hang when we first moved in.

Now that I am getting used to the whole mom thing, and I am still spending most of my time at home, I have been antsy to make this house a home for us. I have made a few changes here and there, but we are finally making some bigger changes that I have been looking forward to for awhile. It's kind of an early anniversary present to each other, which is great!

One of the first things to go was our old comforter. I'm not sure I ever took a picture of the whole bed all made up (who thinks of these things?), but here is a cute picture of a just-bathed Z on the old comforter.

It was a nice comforter set, and it served us well these past almost-2 years. But I love changing things up, and it was high time for some new clothes for our bed! Introducing, our new bed set!

I saw it in one of the bedrooms in the show room at Ikea and instantly fell in love. I even took a picture of it, I loved it so much.

Our bedroom is a little simpler, but that works for us. I married a hot body, so we can't afford to have more blankets on the bed than just one comforter. We also are notorious for never making our bed if it takes much effort, so less pillows is better for us. Anyway! We have some cute pictures that we are hoping to hang above the bed...

They were in my bedroom back home years ago, and they resurfaced when we got married. They have been unused all this time, so I am happy that they will get a chance to see the light of day again. I am also hoping to do a little makeshift drapery headboard thing. How's that for specific? I think school is frying my brain. :) It will look something like this:

Love the idea of using a sheer curtain sash as a go-to headboard.
We still have a long way to go, but Z already loves our new bed! We love it, too. So much, actually. And that's all that matters!

Look at that cute little valentine! I dressed her in red and pink all week, and I loved every minute of it!

Well, that's just a tiny taste of the changes that have been happening in our house! I've done lots of organizing (my professional organizer mama even came down to help me with it), and lots of other things are changing over the next few days. We are getting hand-me-down couches soon, which is pretty exciting! Anyway, stay tuned for some more fun changes. I have a lot to share!


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