Friday, January 3, 2014

Loving Your Look--Step 1--De-junk!

As I mentioned in my last two posts, I am working on loving my look and closet more without spending a lot of money. I have already added a few new clothing items over Christmas and my sewing adventures from the past few days, but I am kind of going about this backwards.

My first step should have been to DE-JUNK!

If I've never mentioned it before, my mom is a professional organizer. I don't talk about this fact very much, not because I'm embarrassed about her, but because I'm embarrassed by my own struggle to keep my home clean and organized. Organizing has never come very easily to me, and learning to do it on my own has been a bit of a struggle for me at times. Luckily, she has an awesome blog with organizing tips (click HERE to visit the organizing section of her blog), and I have much of her knowledge stored away somewhere in my brain from our many organizing sessions growing up. Doing it is the hard part for me. On the off chance that organizing is hard for anyone else out there--this post is for you!

There are many different steps that you must take to achieve an organized home. Don't worry, I'm SO not going to tell you to tackle it all at once. From my own experiences with trying to organize, I would recommend starting out with a small area (as small as one drawer, even) and just focusing on that one area. It's much less overwhelming. Today I decided to go through just the hanging clothes in my closet (not pants, not shoes, not anyone else's clothes--get what I mean by starting small?). It took me less than five minutes, and I have a decent sized little pile of clothes to show for my efforts.

The big question is, "What do I need to get rid of in my closet?" Some things to think about:
  1. When was the last time I wore this?
    • If it was six months to a year ago, I usually put it in a probationary pile or spot on the rack.
    • If it was over a year ago, send that sucker packing. You don't have room in your closet or your life for things you don't use!
    • As a side note, some people flip their hangers one way then change the direction when they put it back after wearing. If there are clothes that are still stuck in the original position after a set amount of time, you know you haven't worn it in a while! I haven't tried this method yet, but I think it's a great idea to try!
  2. Does it fit?
    • Yes--keep it.
    • No
      • Can I alter it to fit again? If you can, and you think you would still wear it, keep it.
      • Too small--Is it a motivational memento? I have heard that many people like to keep their "skinny pants" around to help motivate them to work out and reach that goal. If it is a realistic goal and that works for you--awesome. Keep it. If not, set a new goal and let yourself buy some new "skinny pants" when you reach it. (How's that for motivation? ;) )
      • Too big--Give it away or use it for fabric.
  3. Is it in good condition? (This one's pretty self-explanatory. If it's not something you can wear out in public, either designate it to be pajamas or get rid of it.)
  4. Is it too much work to wear?
    • For me, this question should be, "Does it need to be ironed?" If it is too much work to wear it, don't keep it. I have some items that I wore a lot in high school when I had more time to iron and get ready, but I just don't have time to iron on Sunday mornings now! And I don't like ironing anyway... Point being, don't keep it if it's too high-maintenance.
  5. Do you like it?
    • This sounds silly, but since I'm working on liking my clothes and appearance more this year, I think it's important. Maybe it fits and it is decent shape and you've worn it fairly recently but you just don't like it that much. I say get rid of it! Or, better yet--switch it up so that you will enjoy it more. One wonderful post I read recently was all about using Pinterest to find new ways to wear old clothes. I loved it! Sometimes just seeing a new idea for how to style an outfit is enough to get me excited about it again. (I can't for the life of me remember what blog I was reading that on, but I will post a link if it comes to me. :) )
Now look at the pile of clothes you don't want anymore and be proud of yourself! 

My pile would have been bigger, but I already used some of the things I de-junked for other projects! ;)
Where to send things you don't want anymore: DI, Savers, hand-me-down them to a friend or family member, use them for fabric (check out my So Much to Sew board), refashion them into something new that you will wear (see my Refashion board for ideas), etc.

I hope getting rid of things that don't help you feel happy and beautiful has been liberating. If you have some empty spots in your closet now, fill them with things that you will really enjoy wearing.

Stay tuned for more tips on loving your look--and my big closet refashion!

Thanks for reading!

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