Sunday, September 22, 2013

Refashion Savvy

In what little free time I have had since Z was born, I have been slowly chipping away at lots of different sewing projects. I already showed you the cute little play mat I made for Baby Bo, and today's post is about some of the clothes I've sewn recently.

Yep, you heard me right. Clothes. For me. I never thought I'd be saying those words, but there they are.

I am all about de-junking lately--I mean, who has room for lots of stuff they don't use in an apartment this size? Not me! Going through our clothes and realizing we have a lot of stuff that we don't wear inspired the creation of my Refasion Board on Pinterest. Refashioning and upcycling have been a little bit of an obsession for me since then. Anyway, I have a few projects to blog about today and more to come soon! Links to the tutorial for each project are in the caption below the picture. ALL of them were made completely from old clothes and thread I already had on hand. I didn't buy a single thing!

Stripe Color-Blocked Maxi Dress

Sorry I don't have any pictures in any of these yet... I haven't gotten around to it. The tutorial from Sew Petite Gal can be found HERE. The original was more of a sleeveless maxi, so I just widened the sleeves a little bit. It used up 5 old (larger) shirts.

Nautical Pencil Skirt

I love the way that this turned out, but I made it just a little too small, which is funny since the tutorial I followed specifically warned that it's easy to let this happen. I followed her instructions, but I think the fabric I used just didn't have enough stretch. Be that as it may, I still love it. I used a ginormous, old, ugly shirt that I originally bought to refashion into a nautical maternity shirt. It was so ugly that I ended up losing confidence in the project. I'm glad I did, though! I'm going to add a couple of inches to each side soon (probably just white knit fabric, though I have had my eye on some coordinating lace fabric that might be a nice touch). The tutorial for this one can be found over on Just Another Day in Paradise HERE.

Baseball Tee

I kind of just used an old baseball tee for a pattern on this one, but Liz over at Cotton and Curls has a great little tutorial on how to make one HERE. Her blog is one of my favorites. She's quite the refashionista, if you will.

I really enjoyed sewing these, and they all came together pretty fast. I'm all about quick-and-easy projects these days.

I have been working on lots of other things that I am hoping to post about in the next few days (including opening my Etsy shop, LimaBeanBabies), so come back soon!

In the mean time, have some fun sewing! :)

Thanks for reading!


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