Friday, August 2, 2013

Circle Quilt Play Mat

Hello, again!

I have done lots of projects in the past few weeks that I would like to blog about, including a sleep sack for Little Z, maxi dress, pencil skirt, organizing cupboards in the kitchen, and lots more! I hope to eventually teach myself to write tutorials, but most of these posts will be pictures of the finished product with a link to the tutorial I used. :)

This post is devoted to one of my latest projects--a personalized circle quilt play mat for my old boss's baby. The new little guy's name is Bo, and his name was so short, I just had to applique it onto something. I searched my Pinterest "So Much to Sew" board (link HERE), and I found this little circle quilt tutorial by Jaybird Quilts. I imagined putting Bo's name in the middle, and I thought it would be the perfect project.

I couldn't find the ten degree wedge ruler described in the tutorial, so I searched until I found instructions on how to make my own. I read a few different things, but I ended up making a ruler that was 22 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide on one end, 4 7/8 wide on the other. It wasn't perfect, and I would probably go ahead and buy the ruler if you decide to do this project. Be that as it may, it turned out pretty okay. :)

Here are a couple of pictures.

The top uses 36 of the pieces cut with template described above. I repeated the main fabric and some of the solid colors, and I like the way it turned out. I free-hand appliqued Bo's name onto the center before I quilted the three layers together.

Since the quilt top was wider than the fabric I wanted to use for the back, I ended up piecing together a few long, skinny strips to widen it a little bit. I think I like the way it looks like this even better than I would have liked it with just one fabric on the back.

 Not too shabby! :) I am definitely an amateur blogger, and my picture taking skills are lacking. I wasn't really thinking about blogging about this blanket when I took these pictures. I just wanted to remember how cute it turned out! Anyway, I will try to take better pictures in the future.

And for you young wives and moms who don't yet have your dream craft room or even a desk to set up your sewing machine on--don't give up! You can sew anywhere. Since we got our two floral hand-me-down couches (one of which is behind my sewing machine in the picture), I haven't had a place for my craft table in our tiny apartment. I wasn't going to let that stop me, though! I set up my machine on the floor, and it worked just fine. (Though I will admit that my back didn't like all that time sitting and sewing!)

I hope you give this project a shot. It is pretty quick and easy, and the product is adorable!

Happy sewing! :)



  1. So, if i get Casey to buy me a sewing machine, would you help me learn to sew? I suck. :)

    1. Jacquie, I totally would! It is easier than most people think. :)

    2. Jacquie, I totally would! It is easier than most people think. :)