Friday, August 2, 2013

Brand New Day, Brand New Blog


I'm Malia. Welcome to my blog! Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a wife and stay at home mom--wife to Austin and mom to Zia, the "A to Z" of my life and blog title. :) They are my two loves. As far as hobbies go, I love crafts, sewing, baking, and trying things I see on Pinterest. I also love reading and writing, which is one of the reasons I originally started my old blog soon after we got married (link HERE). I called it "After I Do." It was full of tips and tricks for life after the honeymoon, including organizing, decorating, deals, and food ideas. We got pregnant not long after, so you can also see some of my pregnancy story on that blog. I loved blogging and sharing my ideas and projects, but I started to feel like I had outgrown the newlywed phase that my blog was all about. I have lots more fun ideas and projects that I have wanted to blog about, and after lots of thought, this blog was born. Here, you will find crafts, sewing, DIY projects, recipes, things I've tried from Pinterest (that may or may not have worked out), and updates on our little family (among other things, I'm sure). I didn't want to limit my new blog to any phase of life or niche, so it's simply "Everything Springer A to Z."

I hope you find your way back here soon!


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